vendredi 5 juillet 2013

Primeval Thule concepts - Part 1

I had the chance to work on a great project with the guys at Sasquatch Game Studio ( who have 48 years of experience together, mostly in designing and developing games for TSR, Wizards of the Coast, and Paizo. Have a look at their website!

And this week, they launched a kickstarter to raise the funds necessary for the book they are aiming to do. So it need your help! Spread the word whether you are a D&D, Pathfinder or 13th Age confirmed fan or just someone who likes roleplay, I am sure everyone will enjoy!

So with no further words, let the pictures speak!

These are concept illustrations done for it:

And there are some concept sketches (around 2h each):

And there will be more for this project posted soon, as I cannot release them now (it would not be playing fair, and it makes it more interesting :p )

I hope you'll like them, don't be shy to tell me your thoughts!

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