mardi 27 mars 2012


I have to practice more, but lately I've been busy with 3D and matte painting for my project with Alex (23 Project Remember? :) ), and I'm a bit sick too, so I only have some small things just to update the blog, I hope you'll like it anyway!

After spending a lot of time on wikipedia, reading about old religion, occultism and magic, a had to make a witch, so here is mine (approx: 45min).

And here is a sketch I started with just a big building in my mind, and I found it not so bad and decided to spend another hour on it, still not finished anyway, maybe one day? :)

And as always C&C are welcome!

jeudi 15 mars 2012


Here is my entry to the gnomon monthly contest of March.
The theme was dreamscape.

Hope you'll like it, c&c always welcome!

mercredi 7 mars 2012

New studies

I decided to start learning from the masters by study them in photoshop ^^.
I started with John Singer Sargent, which is for me one of the greatest portraitist, his brushwork and the way he can minimalise the number of brushstrokes and places them exactly at the right spot with the exact color still makes me crazy.

A bit more than 45min each

Hope you'll like it! c&c always welcome!

jeudi 1 mars 2012


And yes, it's been quite a long time since I told you about this project, we are on it :).
Here is a concept I've started some time ago, and I decided to finish it once and for all.

Hope you'll like it! c&c always welcome!