lundi 13 mai 2013

So Long

   Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been working on several projects for the past 3 months (and still am), and I am now allowed to show you some of them!

The main project I'm working on is illustration for e-gamebooks, I had the pleasure to work with the guys at and the firsts e-books will soon be released, so you should really check their website in the next days!

Here are the illlustration I've done for the first book, Voyage au Coeur d'un Cercle de Sable et d'Eau by Outremer.
Obviously I'm not posting all the images, so you'll have to check the App for the rest :) 

Here are some illustration I've done for another book called Chienlit sur Chienlit, by Alexis Ravel, Sci-fi time!

And these are done for the book Le Voyage Initiatique, by Christophe Desmaisons.

Of course I have others, and some in progress, and I'll post them when I can.

I also recently won the 2nd place of a contest over at Deviantart, sponsored by The Art Department, and so I am now following two classes, and these are some of the work done for it:
The first three are mostly speedpaintings, trying to work with brushes and textures, and the last two are a bit more pushed.

Pretty big post for once, okay as a bonus, a speed painting, that I started to refine, and will probably finish when I'll have the time,

And I'm still working on very cool new stuffs I cannot talk about for now, so come back soon to check the next updates!
With love!

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